Necos® Nordic Storage System


Our orderly storage areas not only save time but also create space. We offer versatile solutions, incorporating both shelf systems as well as basket towers – we will help you in better organizing your home.

Necos baskets are easy to combine with our ohter shelving systems. Necos basket system is highly mobile and functional. The system modules may be placed in bathroom, bedroom, hallway or garage.  Necos system is perfect for versatile and original interior solutions.


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NECOS® wire baskets and Mesh baskets gather no dust and enable decent ventilation in your storage. Our selection includes baskets of various widths, heights and depths. The NECOS® wire basket system, a modular system of free-standing frames that can be placed on the floor, includes cross supports and baskets that can be joined and combined in different widths and heights. This product is perfect for wardrobes and closets. A wire basket system is easy to install and supplement.


  • The basket towers are meant for home use
  • You will need a rubber hammer for installation
  • You can always change the location of your basket towers
  • It is easy to combine different heights and use the basket tower to store your items
  • The basket towers are available in white and silver


Whether your items are big or small, NECOS® makes it easy to see and access them all. NECOS® IN-OUT shelf storage are not difficult to rearrange and supplement. Use hanging drawers to organize everithing. It's easy to service and upkeep -  NECOS® IN-OUT system leave the floor space free. IN-OUT gliding frame can be combined with different sizes NECOS® baskets.  The NECOS® IN-OUT system is made of quality steel, coated with durable powder coating paint. The perforations on the wall uprights allow for shelf heights to be adjusted as required.

Photo by : Phil Sheather


  • IN-OUT sliding parts are slide with Easyrollers
  • All the details fit into each other and their location is easy to change if necessary
  • The shelf system keeps the floor free, which is easy to clean and maintain
  • It's easy to combine different heights
  • Colors: White and Silver
  • ST25
  • ST26
  • ST27
  • ST29
  • ERST180C
  • ERST180A+B
  • ERST180A
  • ERST269
necos bann 20kg

NECOS® - be organized, create space, save time

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with NECOS®, everything is well visible and comfortable. NECOS® shelving systems can be easily positioned and refilled. Plan your storage space with careful consideration of each detail so you get the most complete result.

  • inout2s
  • inout1s
  • inout3s
  • inout4s
  • inout9s

NECOS® Wire Baskets and Mesh Baskets do not pick up dust and allow good ventilation in the storage area. Available in different widths, heights and depths. The NECOS® Wire Basket System is a modular, freely floor-mounted framing system with suspended ceilings and baskets that can be combined in different widths and heights and interconnect. This product is intended for home wardrobes.

  • CE8Q6663
  • CE8Q6665
  • SMB1M54 Mesh korv 1
  • SMB2M54 Mesh korv 2
  • SMB3M54 Mesh korv 3

NECOS® IN-OUT baskets, pant racks and shoe racks are a great way to store your clothes in wardrobes or in various items in the storage rooms. Fasten to the wall a IN-OUT basket frame, pant racks or shoe racks and  leave the floor free

  • inout7s
  • inout8s
  • inout5s
  • inout6s

The Necos® wire shelving system is easy to install. Our system only needs to fix the topp rack with screws to the wall, and then install hang standards for the needed position. You do not have to worry about the exact location of the hanging standards, as they can be moved if necessary. Now place shelves and baskets in place and your storage system is ready.

  • 37102,37202 Kandesiin
  • 38122,38232 Riputussiin
  • Kandesiin+Riputussiin S

Wall uprights and brackets are especially good for use in small and sloping rooms. The different lengths on the uprights (425,711,997,1219,1600, 1981 and 2394mm) and brackets (120,170,220,270,320,370 and 470mm) allow you to combine the shelf system with your needs. Our products are made of strong steel and coated powder paints.

  • 31111...32212 NECOS kandurid
  • 31712 kandur 42
  • 31211 kandur 17
  • 31312 kandur 22
  • 31412 kandur 27
  • 31512 kandur 32
  • 31612 kandur 37
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Necos® wire shelves are available in two different lengths (900,1800mm) and three different depths (305,406,508mm). Necos® wire shelves are made of steel wire and coated powder coating. Necos® wire shelving system do not dust and give good insight into the objects in your wardrobe! Colors: white and silver.

  • 49312,41832 Võrkriiul WS30
  • 49412,41842 Võrkriiul WS40
  • 41112 Võrkriiuli kandur WSB30
  • 41212 Võrkriiuli kandur WSB40
  • 41312 Võrkriiuli kandur WSB50


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