EFEXON® Built-in furniture

Choose a shelf system that is comprised of versatile module systems. You can choose from three available models:
Legno – luxury you can afford, Classic – a solution for a less-demanding designer, Optimi – select a standard model to your liking and install it today!


The Legno shelf system is made of 25 mm-thick wood, finished with melamine or veneer! Drawers with different finishing (colorful glass or wood) or convenient withdrawable basket systems add style and handiness to the shelf system. Clothes hangers that move up and down enable garments to be hanged at heights in the closet that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

EFEXON® Legno is a free-standing module system for classy wardrobes. Select your stylish sliding doors to complement the design.

  • Elegant modular system with a wall thickness of 25mm
  • Prepare according to customer's size
  • Standard modules are available that can be customized to your liking
  • Variety of Surface Materials
  • Various accessories for skirts, scarves and trousers
  • Choose sliding doors
  • We design, measure, install


Legno collection is represented by superior quality and a wide variety of materials, finish and exclusive elements. Legno modular furniture line is a high quality modular system made of 25 mm thick material. It is possible to combine the furniture in different variations, based on the specific character of relevant space. The range of materials includes different laminates and natural wood veneers.

Legno modular furniture line consists of standard elements and units. Thus furniture line is perfect for setting open shelf systems in living rooms and wardrobe systems. It may also be complemented with various exclusive elements.

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The EFEXON® Classic shelf system has been designed for any space – home or office - in need of accessories or clothes storing facilities. You can design your ideal storage or wardrobe, employing various ready-to-go modules that include drawers, shelves or clothing rods.

The modules come in the following heights: 980 mm, 2,068 mm and 2,484 mm, and their depth is 502 mm. The thickness of the frame of the Classic products is 18 mm. Applying supplementary exterior sidewalls with a thickness of 25 mm enables you to build a closet with a maximum height of 2,780 mm

  • Linear and functional modular system with a wall thickness of 18mm
  • Additional external side walls with a thickness of 25mm
  • Modular heights are 980, 2068 and 2484 (mm) and a depth of 502mm.
  • Maximum height up to 2780mm
  • Prepare according to customer's size
  • Standard modules are available that can be customized to your liking
  • Variety of Surface Materials
  • Various accessories and integrated basket systems


Furniture collection Classic is made of standard modular elements with specific sizes. The basic material of furniture is 18 mm laminate sheets. Classic furniture line is also supplied with drawers and baskets of different sizes. The range of Classic modular closets is intended to be simple though ensuring numerous options of use in various combinations.
Functionality of the furniture line and the great variety of accessories give you an opportunity to choose the best solution for daily use - baskets, footwear baskets and trouser hangers are available in different depths and widths. There are also hanging rods and special lifting mechanisms for clothes.

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The exterior frame is oak laminate (02.28) with a thickness of 25 mm and the interior frame employs 16 mm thick beige laminate (02.16).

  • The outer frame is 25mm thick oak (02.28) laminate and 16mm thick beige (02.16) laminate for internal frame;
  • Sliding doors: Aleco sliding doors with standard size
  • 17 standard choices
  • Option to combine frameworks according to your wishes
  • All details can be purchased individually
  • Wardrobes available in stock
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EFEXON® Optimi is perfect for customers wishing to purchase a laminate shelf wardrobe with minimum delivery times.


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