EFEXON® Sliding Doors

Stylish doors for more than 25 years in the Estonian market!

EFEXON Group has been developing its products in cooperation with the RIPO FABRIKA factory in Riga, the one of largest factory in Baltic area. Since autumn 2004, our products are registered with the registered trademark EFEXON®. In cooperation with Ripo Fabrika designers, we have developed a collection of EFEXON® sliding door models and wardrobe cabinets.

EFEXON® sliding doors accommodate recent trends and design tenors in their style. Our product selection incorporates door models with nine different frames and more than 50 finishing materials. The door frame of the most trend-conscious doors has been stripped to the bare minimum to enable emphasis on the sliding door’s facade. Some of our doors can be applied as single or double door systems to enable the doors to be used as room dividers. Melamine-, veneer- or aluminum-framed doors are but one part of our product selection!

Add style to your home with custom made and designed sliding doors. Our quality bottom ball-bearing rollers are hidden in the sill frame of the sliding door to prevent accidental injuries. Most of our models come with bottom door stoppers and anti-dust strips that are fastened to the sides of a sliding door frame as part of a standard set.

  • Custom made to the customer’s measurements
  • Maximum height of the installation space is 3,200 mm
  • Maximum width of the door is 1,400 mm
  • Hidden rollers
  • Slide tracks are included in the door price
  • Application of raumplus aluminum profile
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Classic sliding doors

The advantage of sliding door system is the ease of use, functionality and possibilities to save the room space. These doors are available in different sizes, allowing you to use them in an area of any configuration. Such systems are highly flexible in terms of construction and versatile in terms of use.

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Sliding door printing

Complement your modern wardrobe or closet with artistic and exiting decorations. Therefore, RIPO offers printed sliding door panels on glass. You can create your own design to match it with the overall interior of your room. Printed picture will simultaneously protect sliding doors from accidental scratches and other types of door damages.

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Folding doors

...are an alternative solution to sliding doors. The construction of such door system combines air doors and hinge doors, thus saving the space and ensuring its functionality. Folding doors are versatile in terms of use: they may be used as closet doors, partition systems or a separating structure.

Hinge doors

...are made of aluminium frame, and therefore, they are mainly intended for use in all sorts of furniture series or special niches. Hinge doors are intended for custom design furniture, thus ensuring easy hinge mechanism and elegant, contemporary visual appearance.

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Partition solutions

...are the most efficient way to separate rooms rationally without spending large resources. They are easy to install and transform depending on the requirements and the purpose of the room. Partition wall systems are an easy and practical way to separate rooms.

Air doors

...are light construction system without the bottom rail. Air doors work as sliding doors; however, they look more aesthetic. The door system is intended to be fastened to the wall or ceilings. Such a system is easy to install in rooms of limited size. The product line is made of light metal aluminium profiles that are combined with other materials: wooden products, glass and plastic. A variety of materials ensures an individual approach to door design according to the customer’s taste and the room interior.


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