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The Best Lock hook allows, without screws, without glue and without drill to hang all your essential, in the kitchen and bathroom ! Well organized and neatly arranged, you keep all your utensils within reach. The Magic BestLock hooks can be installed in an instant : you just need to place the patch on the wall and rub out any air bubbles, then clip the hook on its ultra-discreet patch.

  • No drilling required
  • Adheres to any smooth surface: glass, tiles, mirror or metal
  • Supports weight up to 6 kg
  • BestLock cup installation: just press the suction cup on the wall and lock with one 1/4 turn of the nut.
  • Best Lock Magic installation : just remove the air by pressing and rubbing the pad into place, then clip the metallic module on the pad.

BestLock-The strongest suction cup 

Suction-mounted wall storage system. Fixing on smooth surfaces with no nail or screw. The suction pads are perfectly locked in place, rotating the thumb-wheel a quarter of a turn. They can be re-positioned at any time and the Bestlock and Bestlock Spa ranges let you mount vertically without drilling the walls.

2017Bestlock magic

Magic BestLock - sticking transparent adhesive pad

The wall storage system is mounted by rubbing the self-adhesive pad where needed and applied on smooth or slightly porous surfaces. Easy to re-position, the Bestlock Magic range from Compactor helps you put away and hang anything with no drill or damage to the walls. Simple and quick to install, no need for any DIY know-how!

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Stick-on Show soap dispensers

Practical and perfectly hygienic, the Compactor soap dispensers can stand on the worktop or be wall mounted with silicone glue or the double-sided adhesive pads provided. No screw, no drill needed. Easy to re-fill, it is an amusing and cheap way to wash your hands.

2017 magic storage

Self-Adhesive Wall Mountings

Discover the Magic Bestlock self-adhesive wall hooks! They are very easy to use, no drill, glue or screw needed - they can be moved and re-used. These self-adhesive hooks are completely revolutionary and, with their adaptable supports, let you have your handbag, ties and trousers within reach.

2017 magic cat
2017 show magica

BestLock Magic Hook

It is easy to organise your kitchen and keep utensils, tea-towels and oven gloves within reach with the self-adhesive hooks designed by Compactor. With no glue no screw no drill, these innovative hooks can be fixed on the wall in a simple press. Guaranteed to be effective!

BestLock Funny Hooks

Fix instantly these Compactor Bestlock suction hooks to keep utensils, oven gloves and tea towels within reach. This extremely reliable technology will make the tidying of your kitchen easier.


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