RoboMop® Floor Duster

Robomop ALLEGRO - Dusts your floors so you don't have to!

Explore new innovative "ROBOMOP" floorduster that makes your life easier, faster and more convenient. This is new method of removing dust from the floor. Robomop automatic navigation function effectively cover all surfaces of the floor and gives you time to deal with something else. A low frame height, soft edges and  motor rotating ball is designed so as to easily cleansõpetus wall edges, a sofa and bed bases. Microfibre cloth collects dust and grabs the hair of pets.

  • The electric-powered, wireless Robomop done like a robot, absolutely independent cleaning and cleaning of all hard floors.
  • The Soft-frame design prevents your valuable furniture be damaged.
  • Incidentally Robomop cleans itself constantly about an area of up to 60 m² within the hour. An hour of time you win them.


  • Rids the floor environment of dust, spores, hair grit, pollen, mites, dander, other irritants
  • Microfiber dust pad attracts and keeps dirt
  • Captures dust that would otherwise circulate from floor to air and surfaces
  • Low profile enables dusting under and behind furniture
  • Ball automatically switches direction when obstacles are encountered
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Dusts 60m2 in a hour with 98% accuracy
  • RM Allegro charge the ball_2 copy
  • RM Allegro on off button_2 copy
  • RM Allegro Insert ball_2 copy

Product specification

  • Model: ROBOMOP
  • Color: Roheline
  • Weight: 64g
  • Dimensions: 29x29x8CM
  • Power: 0,64W
  • Working time: 1hour
  • Mikrofiberduster: 1 pcs
  • Charger: NO, cable micro-usb
  • Instructions:  9 languages 
  • Battery: 1,5 v AA – replaceable
  • 2017 mikrok-lapp
  • 2017 mikrok-lapp-mop

Super efficent microfibre dustpads

The microfibre pads are designed to attract and kee even more dust particles than the original dust pads

  • 100% polyester
  • Ultrafine microfibre developed for optimal cleaning of smooth floor surfaces
  • Picks up and absorbs lint and hair efficiently


Any questions?

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